Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks

by E. Lockhart

Dedication: "For my college friends Kate, Polly, Cliff, Aaron, and Catherine, who know all about golf course parties and midnight adventures."

First paragraph:
"December 14, 2007

To: Headmaster Richmond and the Board of Directors, Alabaster Preparatory Academy

I, Frankie Landau-Banks, hereby confess that i was the sole mastermind behind the mal-doings of the Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds. I take full responsibility for the disruptions caused by the Order - including the Library Lady, the Doggies in the Window, the Night of a Thousand Dogs, the Canned Beet Rebellion, and the abduction of the Guppy."

Review: Frankie Landau-Banks is tired of being 'bunny rabbit'. No one acknowledges that she has indeed grown up. She knows her new boyfriend likes her but he won't acknowledge her for her brilliance and it becomes a bit taxing. She starts to put bits and pieces of her boarding school's secret society together in order to form a brilliant plan that will ensure her legendary status in the minds of those around her.

Frankie is probably one of my more favorite female protagonists that I've ever read about. She really goes out on a limb and holds nothing back. I think I like her so much because a part of me wishes I could have been as brilliant at her age. I was someone who completely succumbed to the idea of the panopticon. As for the other characters in the book, I never really connected with anyone else but there was a certain person I wanted Frankie to finally hit it off with but I won't mention any names (Alpha) or the outcome (I really won't tell you how it ends).

Anyway, I thought this book was great. There is a little romance, lots of girl power, and plenty of adventures. It was an easy read that kept me coming back for more. I think this was the perfect book to get me back in the reading spirit.

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