Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Scorch Trials

by James Dashner

Dedication: "For Wesley, Bryson, Kayla and Dallin. Best kids ever."

First paragraph: "She spoke to him before the world fell apart."

Review: Wow.

First, this review is probably going to have spoilers for the first book in the series, The Maze Runner, so go read that book then come back.

Thomas went to bed feeling safe for the first time since he woke up in the Maze. He had food, shelter, people who said they were there to protect them. He had the voice of his best friend in his head as he slowly dozed off to sleep. And then, in a moment, everything went wrong.

Now, I don't really remember the exact details of The Maze Runner off the top of my head but I do remember thoroughly enjoying it. I can't say for certain whether it surprised me quite as much as this book did, but ... wow.

Dashner knows how to write a story. The twists that he comes up with are so completely out there that I don't think anyone could see them coming. It's just one bad thing after another and these poor "Gladers" that you've come to love and cheer for are on constant attack and you never know when it will be their last scene.

He also manages to make you more paranoid then the characters themselves. I thought every person these guys encountered was a bad guy just waiting to attack. And usually the "bad guys" weren't bad at all and then as soon as I thought they'd be safe, all hell breaks loose again.

This is one of those books you don't want to casually start reading just before you go to bed. You won't be able to put it down. There is never a really good stopping point. Each chapter holds a key to figuring out what is going on and each chapter does an amazing job of leaving you even more confused about who and what WICKED really is.

The only other thing I can say is, go read this book. It's not for the weak-stomached. It was definitely a bit dark but I thought it may have been less-so than the first book. Maybe. I don't know. Decide for yourself.

And, for your information, Book Three, The Death Cure, goes on sale October 11, 2011.

Click here for The Maze Runner Series' official website.

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