Friday, September 16, 2011

The Swiss Family Robinson

by Johann Rudolf Wyss

First paragraph: "For six days the storm had raged wildly, and our situation became more dangerous every hour. Driven out of our course, we no longer knew our position, and the ship had lost her masts and was leaking."

Review: I don't plan on saying much about this book. Most people know the premise so I'm not even going to give a synopsis.

It's a classic but it's not interesting. I was bored. And I kept asking Ben if it would get interesting. Ben of course lied and said that indeed it would because he knew I would quit if he said no.

Let's just say that, as a girl, I have no interest in reading about people camping for 5 years and killing lots and lots and lots and lots of animals. Pretty much that's what I got out of this book.

Also, what was the point of having their housemaid, or whomever she was, with them if they only mention her around three times throughout the whole book? Even when they're *SPOILER* --- rescued, she's not mentioned. I doubt she'd want to stay on the island but they never do say she left.

Maybe she was eaten by that lion.

Anyway, this was much more of an assignment read than anything else I've started and finished since I graduated college. I'm more than ready for a book with a gripping and fun storyline.

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