Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Band Geek Love

by Josie Bloss

Dedication: "For my family, who taught me how to love books and music and to not be afraid of occasionally stepping outside the lines"

First paragraph: "My section was having trouble following directions, and it was totally not something I wanted to deal with on the most important day of my marching band career."

Review: Ellie is a senior in high school and she is a loyal band geek. She lives her life for marching band and she has worked hard to get her section in order. She practiced hours on end to make it to where she is today - trumpet section leader - and then a boy comes along and throws a wrench into all her plans and she has to deal with high school drama and figuring out who she is.

I saw this book at the library and had to check it out. I'm a band geek myself and I saw and experienced first hand band geek love. Can you pass up something as perfect as your high school life summed up in a title of a paperback book? I think not. Well, I wish I had.

It was an alright story. There really wasn't much of a plot. A lot of whining, and crying, and lying. I guess I couldn't relate with Ellie's issues. I thought she was making everything much worse for herself. And then her boyfriend reveals his big secret and she freaks out at him and the whole time I was thinking, you're really mad about that? Seriously? Who would be mad about something like that?

Anyway, my point is, if you are like me and the title of the book resonates with you then you might want to pick it up and read it for a few inside jokes (like trumpet players thinking they are God's gift to marching bands everywhere, etc.). I really enjoyed that part of it but that's about it.

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