Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Devil's Kiss

by Sarwat Chadda

Dedication: "To my wife and daughters"

First paragraph: "Killing him should be easy; he's only six. Then why the bilious, twisting feeling deep in her guts? Why the cold clammy dampness down her back?"

Review: Billi (Bilqis) SanGrael is a part of the Knight Templars. She's a part of them but not by choice. Her father is in charge. What he says goes. And he said she'd be one of them at the age of 10. She's sacrificed her social life, normality, sanity and now it looks like her father will require the greatest sacrifice of all. ... But you'll have to read the book to figure out what that is.

This was not the best story I've ever read but it was also far from the worst. The writing was decent although, I did notice quite a few typo's.

The story itself was almost entirely predictable; however, it was a gripping book. It keeps you turning the pages just to confirm what you already suspect in the back of your mind. It was an interesting use of vampires, werewolves, ghosts and all-powerful beings, done in a way I hadn't read before - which doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't been done.

I enjoyed that there was a tiny bit of religious education taking place while reading. Not enough for me to consider this a religious book but it is about a fallen angel trying to redeem himself by bringing people back to God through various insane means.

I will have probably forgotten all about this book in five months from now but I'm still glad I picked it up. I definitely didn't feel like the time I put into reading it was a waste at all. I just wish Billi herself was a bit less whiny. I did think that for someone who grew up in this environment she would be better accustomed to it all and have less to complain about. But that would have ruined a big part of the story, I guess.

There is another book follow Billi and her adventures called Dark Goddess.

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