Thursday, September 24, 2009

After the Moment

by Garret Greymann-Weyr

Dedication: "For Katie and Matthew, who fed me during the bad year."

First paragraph: "Leigh Hunter thought he'd said goodbye to her almost four years ago. Yet here she was, close enough for him to see that he was not mistaken. He was staring at Maia Morland, and not a woman who simply looked like her."

Review: Leigh Hunter runs into his high school love, Maia Morland, and finds himself reminiscing on their romance and all the strangeness and then tragedy that embodied it and it's end.

It was an ok book. I thought it was dragged out too much. There was a lot of anti-war propoganda which helped in the dragging out of the book and it also just bugged me. If you are going to do that, I think you should do so less obviously. The story was a story. There were parts I really enjoyed and then parts I got bored with reading. I think the beginning of the book is much better then the end. If it had ended about half-way through I would probably say it was an awesome book, but since it didn't ... I can't say that now.

Finally, I think the reason I came to dislike the book is because of the main character, Leigh. I felt like his indecision at his future was overly dramatic - I never figured out what I wanted to do with my future while I was in college, let alone high school. I thought his constant complaining and worrying about this aspect was a bit overboard and therefore unrealistic, but some of the authors other characters were really loveable. It was easy to attach to Millie, Leigh's sister, and Maia. So for all it's bad, the book definitely has it's good as well.

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