Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Radiant Darkness

by Emily Whitman

Dedication: "For Kate and Sam - And for Richard: His arm will be my home."

First paragraph: "'PERSEPHONE. Daughter of DEMETER, the harvest goddess. Kidnapped and forced to --'"

Review: Ever heard the Greek myth about Persephone and how she was kidnapped and dragged to the underworld to serve by Hades side as his queen? Well, this is a different version. One that clears up the myth part and tells you what really happened. For starters, Persephone was kind of sick of her eternity trapped with her mother's constant lecturing, scolding, and protecting. She was ready to grow up and her mother wouldn't let her. Well, when a handsome stranger shows up in Persephone's paradise prison she's more then happy to sneak around chatting with him and eventually he asks her to come away with him - to be his queen.

The story is a fun take on the old myth. I think it's a better version and Whitman did her research to make sure all the loose ends were taken care of. She did a great job at creating a picture of Persephone's new home and really made you understand why Persephone wouldn't mind staying in the Underworld for 6 months of every year.

I thought the relationship between Hades and Persephone was fun as well. This book gave Hades a different personality then I've ever imagined for him myself. I guess I always just assumed that the God of the Underworld would have to be pretty grim, dark, and deadly. But this book gives him a side that I quite enjoy picturing him with.

My favorite part of the book was that it is set in a time long ago but it has a very modern feel - It could have happened just a few years ago or centuries before now. This book will definitely go on my list of books I enjoyed reading.

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