Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Awakened, House of Night Novel, Book 8

by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

Dedication: "Kristin and I would like to dedicate this book to LGBT teens. Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you. It gets better. We heart you. No matter what "they" say, life is really about love, always love."

First Paragraph: "A disquieting sense of irritation awakened Neferet. Before she had truly departed that amorphous place between dreams and reality, she reached out with her long, elegant fingers and felt for Kalona. The arm she touched was muscular. His skin was smooth and strong and pleasing beneath her fingertips. All it took was that small, feather-like caress. He stirred and turned eagerly to her."

Review: This is the eighth book in the House of Night series. Books One and Two were definitely my favorites. Books Three, Four, and Five were still pretty fun and entertaining. And then Book Six and Seven came around.

What I'm trying to say is ... I'm done with this series. It's a day-time soap opera in book form and I wish I'd never started it because it will never ever end. I'd tell you about my feelings for this book but I'm pretty sure my review for Book 7 is the exact same. The book is entertaining and some crazy stuff happens that you'd never guess but I just want to be done with the story. I want to see how it all ends.

Will it ever end?!

As a side note, if I didn't want to see the end of the series so much I probably would have written a pretty good review for this book. There were a lot of insane, unforeseen twists and some good resolutions. Unfortunately, the writing was still "bullpoopie" as Zoey would say. It almost makes me prefer Neferet's point of view because then, at least, it's decent writing. I wish they wouldn't have made the characters thoughts and personality decide the voice of the writing in each point of view.

And on that note, I bid you ado.

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